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Who We Are

Our Mission

Transform's mission is FamilyTo love God, love people & to make disciples. 

About Transform



Michael & Katarina Bullett

Senior Pastors


Ken & Shar Greter

Associate Pastors

Transform is a church that is fully focused on reaching the corners of the world to develop a Global Family.  It's our goal for the body of Christ to be in unity, moving as one to the heart of The Father. Despite the limitations we face, we have seen more growth than ever due to our shift into livestreaming.  We believe we're on the edge of the greatest revival of all time.  As we join hands with other churches and leaders, we shall see the Mighty hand of God move over our nation like never before.  Join us in this adventure of biblical proportions!


Family Packs

If you’ve been attending for 3 months or longer and feel that Transform Central is where you want to grow in family and your giftings we have a Family Pack below. A Family Pack includes Transform Central’s Statement of Faith and Core Values and a fillable or printable PDF to tell us a bit about you and your testimony and the opportunity to commit to Transform Central.

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